Custom Request

Custom work is only for Miss Global Universal contestants. Anyone who is not a contestant custom work will cost extra and only if I have time to accept. No free work, gifts or re-coloring. Items will be sold in more colors in the store later on. If you do not want your custom formal sold it will cost extra for a contestant or non-contestant.

Prices vary on the style of the formal. I do create both mesh and omega appliers. Custom color can be accommodated but it will cost extra because I have my own standard set of colors I create from. Rarely do I go out of my color palette. Be very specific on what you want and I will not copy off of some Google photo. If something is not of my taste I will not create it and sell it in my store. Formal is always copy only and only for mesh bodies.

Just because a person signs up doesn’t mean I will accept. Accepting the job will depend on my schedule and my pageants contestants come first before others if they request formal from me.